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The Process


Our proven coaching program begins with a clear strategic vision and plan. With this foundation in place, we’ll help you build a team that works in unison to achieve that vision with trust, clarity, and accountability.


Together with your leadership team, we’ll lead you through a rigorous but agile planning process that has been tested and proven across hundreds of small and medium size businesses, creating a healthy, focused and aligned working atmosphere.

Our process is based on the Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes framework, consisting of the seven interlocking attributes necessary to grow a business:

  • Leadership: ensure your leadership team is authentic, healthy, and aligned, ready to lead with purpose and accountability.

  • Strategy: establish a solid core purpose and strategic differentiation that sets you apart from competitors to fuel growth.

  • Talent: have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, consistently. Those that share your core values and purpose and can work together harmoniously. Practice diligence in hiring, firing and development, striving for "A" players and not tolerating "C" players.

  • Execution: practice diligence, focus and accountability to deliver on the strategy in a consistent manner and not get distracted by "shiny objects." Identify the 20% of activities that drive 80% of the growth.

  • Profit: recognize that this is the lifeblood for growth. Ensure there is cash flow to fund growth (hiring, marketing, capital spending) and sufficient reserves for any storms, so everyone will sleep better at night.

  • Customer: define your core customer and the promise you make to them. Ensure you bring this to life in your brand story and content generation, and make good on your promise through every step of customer interaction.

  • Systems: optimize and stabilize your growth by developing solid systems for managing change, decision-making, and technology use.

How it Works

Are you ready for a coach? Do the work and follow the process to confront difficult issues, break old habits, and continue to learn and grow yourself - and your business will follow suit.


Xavier will work with you to determine the coaching rhythm that is best for your business and personal goals.


  • Build Your Foundation: An annual two-day strategy session with you and your leadership team to:

    • Define Core Purpose, Core Values, Core Customer

    • Create the long-term Vision that will guide you as you scale up

    • Build a One Page Strategic Plan that will form the base document for you and your team going forward

    • Create annual priorities and next quarter’s plans for the business

    • Debate and reach consensus about everyone’s individual set of “Rocks” – the most important thing they will accomplish to support the business priorities

  • Continue to Grow & Scale: Quarterly one day meetings and Monthly half-days to review progress, focus on strategy, address on-going business issues and hold everyone accountable.

  • In Your Corner: Monthly one-hour coaching calls with you

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