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Xavier Naville



Xavier is a quadrilingual experienced business leader with a professional track record serving in executive roles across many organizations around the world.


Born in France, Xavier showed a competitive edge early in life as a member of the French national fencing team. He received highest honors graduating from business schools in Europe, and began a long and fruitful journey into international business, moving to China in the late 90’s. There, Xavier started Creative Food Group, taking the food processing company from its startup phase to a scaled model with eight factories and four farms in mainland China, with over 1,500 employees across the country serving large restaurant chains like Starbucks, KFC or McDonald’s.  As CEO, he oversaw all aspects of daily operations for seven years before he sold the company to London listed Bakkavor Group from the UK, a strategic buyer, for a successful exit.

Xavier served as CEO at Bakkavor China for several years, leading capital strategy through growth financing from capital markets, spearheading market expansion strategy, and most notably, managing the business during the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009, ensuring a healthy balance sheet meeting all bank covenants and enduring profitability.

Xavier brings these years of real-world knowledge as a former CEO and business leader to each of his clients as a business coach and strategy consultant, advising management teams and Boards on business strategy, and collaborating with Fortune1000 companies to assist with supply chain or distribution, new product launches, and business development opportunities.  


As a fully trained and certified Gravitas Impact Coach, he leverages world-class training and a large network of coaching colleagues who share insights to continually improve. His proven methodology draws on the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth tools. This framework has been used successfully by thousands of businesses like yours to build and sustain growth. Xavier is also a DISC PLUS Certified consultant, trained in helping business leaders build a team that leverages everyone’s strengths. When everyone is doing what they love, the entire organization benefits - relieving you from ‘managing’ and instead equipping you with passionate volunteers who will help carry your company towards your long-term vision.


Outside of work, Xavier is active with philanthropy, and is preparing for publication of his first book, centering on his experiences in China. He lives in Oakland California, and enjoys spending time with his journalist wife and his three children.


Xavier would love to hear your story. Schedule an exploratory call today, and learn how he can help your company - and you - achieve your vision for the future.

Innermetrix DISC PLUS

Gravitas 7 Attributes

"It's hard to see the label when you're inside the bottle —  I've watched many companies work hard to create great growth strategies. But often the teams falter when it comes to execution. CEOs complain that their recruits aren't performing as expected or that the teams aren't 'rowing in the same direction'. Everyone gets worn down, tired and frustrated. 

I focus on the link between Strategy and Execution. I do this for a few reasons. It creates a set of shared priorities for the business, metrics that become a common language and regular meetings that force issues to surface instead of being ignored or dismissed. All this helps build cohesive, happy and productive teams. Sure, this is hard work, but these disciplines provide the base for the CEO and their leadership team to work on the business rather than in the business."

- Xavier Naville -

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